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Who We are

Mabati and Steel Enterprises LTD was started in a small way. It has a capacity of Over 6,000 metric tonnes of roofing materials which is intended to reach a target of 50,000 metric tonnes in a span of 7 years. We intend to make this company among the leading organizations in Kenya in terms of income and revenue generation. We also intend to venture into other buildings constructions commodities like barbed wire, chain links, nails and similar products. It is our hope that our financiers will help us realize this dream.

This company has enormous potential and with necessary resources, it has capabilities to become a regional supplier of quality steel products. Also there exists ample market opportunities in the neighboring regions of East and Central Africa which we are closely monitoring.

Our continuous effort to provide a high quality and cost effective products has given us opportunity to serve many clients. We believe confidence by our customers can be acquired by providing timely delivery, competitive cost and consistency in quality.


We have a mission to achieve excellence in production and consistent delivery of high quality steel products with innovative value additions in each stage and remain globally competitive through implementation of effective mechanisms of high operational efficiencies and skilled manpower.


We intend to provide our customers with the best roofing experience from beginning to the end. We do not settle for anything less than excellence in everything we do.We believe that confidence can be acquired by providing timely delivery, competitive cost and consistency in quality.

Our Featured Products

Box Profile® Mabati

Gauge 28 @ 450 Per meter


Colored Gauge 30 @ KSh 350 Per Meter

Super Tiles® Mabati

Gauge 28 @ KSh 750 Per Meter

Sancot® Mabati

Guage 28 @ KSh 800 Per Piece