How to choose the right mabati for your new home

How to choose the right mabati for your new home

Learning how to choose roofing materials is a skill that will enhance the appearance of your home. Below are some of the major considerations when selecting a roof system.
1.) Color and reflectivity – Light colored materials with high reflectivity are ideal for houses in hot climate areas. These roofs reflect much of the sun’s heat back to the atmosphere thus helping to keep your house cool.

2.) Maintenance – Roof maintenance is a costly undertaking, therefore make sure your materials are durable and easy to maintain.

3.) Recycled content – Always check if the roofing material has some recycled content. You should also confirm that the material can be recycled again at the end of your roof’s lifetime.

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4.) Weight – The weight of a roof can be an issue depending on the structure of your house. However, some of the seemingly heaviest roofs are also the most durable. It is advisable to first ensure your home’s existing structure can support the weight of a new roof.

5.) Coatings – Materials that are zinc or copper coated must be avoided because they can wash into and contaminate water sources.

6.) Roof slope – Roof slopes determine the type of roofing materials to be used. Steeped sloped roofs are very attractive but expensive.

The steeper the slope the more the material required for roofing. A steeped slope roof requires more long lasting materials than a less steeped one.

7.) Warranty – Always go for roofing material with the longest warranty possible. Though you may be required to pay more upfront for a sustainable roof, the investment will pay off overtime.