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Top Five Maintenance Tips to Make your Mabati Last Longer

If you’ve just invested in a new roof from Super Mabati for your home, you most likely want to protect and sustain the integrity of that new roof, and timely maintenance is the best way to do so. To help your roof last longer, we’ve outlined five critical maintenance tips that will help your roof […]

What are the basics of roofing?

The roof is one of the most essential parts of your construction, regardless of whether the building is for residential or commercial purpose. A good roof can add infinite aesthetic value to your structure, while a bad one can not only make it an eyesore in the neighbourhood but also lower the worth of the […]

How to choose the right mabati for your new home

Learning how to choose roofing materials is a skill that will enhance the appearance of your home. Below are some of the major considerations when selecting a roof system. 1.) Color and reflectivity – Light colored materials with high reflectivity are ideal for houses in hot climate areas. These roofs reflect much of the sun’s heat back […]